Locanda Borgo Antico & Osteria di Frà Dolcino

The Locanda Borgo Antico is located at the foot of the Adamello Brenta in the Valley of Churches, in peaceful countryside between Condino Storo and, in places Sorino. From the town of Storo, following the road that leads to Madonna di Campiglio, just a few hundred meters from the junction of Storo you arrive at the resort in Condino Sorino. An old village surrounded by a handful of Masi that seem to come out of a fairy tale. Here you will find the Locanda Borgo Antico with adjoining Osteria Tipica, called "Osteria Fra Dolcino."

The restaurant

For us, the restaurant is like a theater , every day you come into the scene.
The food , the environment , the atmosphere , the music that you breathe ...
Everything must be aimed at giving excitement .
The menu at Osteria Fra Dolcino is based on seasonal products , traditional Trentino and seafood.
The careful selection of wines, among the best doc Trentino and national food and wine on offer .
Osteria Fra Dolcino is an original local where you can discover the pleasure of ancient flavors of Trentino and seafood. Every gesture in our Osteria is a sign of great passion from the kitchen to service all for giving joy to our guests that will reward the mileage .
The first choice products are selected and processed in full compliance with the procedures of cooking and authenticity.
The various products such as meats, cheeses, breads produced at home , the meat and the fish of the finest quality , vegetables , homemade pastries and much more, will delight you for your lunch or dinner , buffets , weddings, birthdays and any recurrence.
Inside you will see a familiar, elegant and refined where friendliness and hospitality are the masters of the house.
Osteria can ' accommodate up to 100 guests in the various halls .
The inn welcomes you all year round for every occasion, is open daily for lunch and dinner except Monday which is the day of rest .

The cellar

The Cantina di Fra Dolcino is a special place that deserves respect for the deep feelings that can give. The " basement of Amichi " so named by the numerous friends. The basement is completely underground , we will take down a steep ladder, the bottom of which you just look up to get a quick relief.
Wines of every national origin and quality of Trentino , rest in silence, order, next to each other in numerous niches made ​​of terracotta bricks .
The guest with the daunting task of choosing the bottle to match the dish and the occasion.
Upon request, you can visit the underground , while reservation is possible effetuare of tastings with an expert sommelier , matching dishes, traditional sausages thirty , cheese etc. .
An opportunity for genuine pleasure enthusiasts and gourmets.

For Nostr guests ...
The greatness of a restaurant is dictated by the quality of the paper, from the mise en place of the room and the service.
But above all, by the proposal of wines that the winery offers its guests . It shall contain , in addition to the best of the finest vineyards of Trentino wines of the wine-making areas more interesting in Italy. Everything stored in the majestic tranquility of the cellar , waiting for the moment when each bottle will give the best of themselves , accompanying dishes .
Knowledge of the characteristics of a wine and the ability to " decipher " the secrets that characterize a dish , are the points from which one starts to define a good balanced combination between food and wine.
Particular attention we reserve the combination to tradition, that is inspired by the regional cuisine , according to whom the dishes and local wines are paired with each other , following habits passed down from generation to generation.
Food is one of life's pleasures , especially if accompanied by a good wine! The most useful thing then is to know how to match the right wine to enhance the flavors and tastes .